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Black tourmaline and amethyst
Hot damn it, I’m bad at this
Ever find yourself asking where David Mamet is?
Probably not, well
I’m convinced that he’s my life’s narrator
I saw your bare chest and I savored that moment like a Now&Later
That’s a tasty little candy treat
I look down, what dandy feet
I even wrote it in my manuscript
You didn’t mind that I’d dine on a Pythagorean diet
All your friends remind me of Parisian spies
I even sketched your outline in my journal
I might have wrote X loves Z above the urinal
Because I’m twelve years old
And I have a linear understanding of causality
You’ve only ever been a pal to me
I had that glinty eye like Emperor Palpatine
I’m not going to pretend that I know what pallid means

No filler lines
The number 9 and the number 7
Then I devoured you like a hungry little muskrat

Built a shrine by my bed of ascension stones
Then I broke my bones to make these drum loops, oops
I’m a dumb dude and I shouldn’t have said that
I was the Egyptian in the meme wearing a bread hat
I’ve got these ACME earthquake pills
Now tell me about your world views
In the dark I felt you sneeze and your form took shape like Meadowlark
I think you’re really pretty and I hardly ever mean that
My form is more conducive to a beanbag
Sometimes it feels like we’re Abraham and Sarah
I don’t have a theory of sex
Everyone else is king of Abimelech
Perhaps I’m more like Richard Dedekind
I don’t mean to let all these abstractions in
I don’t mean to carry on about your form
I don’t mean to surf internet forums for porn
Georg Cantor, I enjoy your banter
I think we could develop a theory of the infinite
Or transfinite
I thought I’d dedicated my life to mining pyrite
Now we store stuff in Pyrex containers in the fridge
When I’m around you I let my hair down

will recite this to the girl i fall in love with

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always funny

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Give me a HIGH FIVE!




Give me a HIGH FIVE!


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Anonymous asked:
I'm going to hell. Ah, fuck


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Anonymous asked:
This is cyberbullying *giggles*


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Anonymous asked:
Aspiring photojournalist. More like ass pirating schmoto shmourmalist


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Anonymous asked:
You look like such a douchebag in that picture. Douchebag.


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King Krule - Baby Blue 

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Werner Herzog explains the plot of his new movie Good Will Hunting 2: Port of Call Los Angeles

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